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With the new APAT series there is an improved generation of PAT tests. This ones are based on more than 8 years experience working with this system.


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Worldwide Ranking List - PAT Start
341328Matthias, DanielHeineGermany
1121150DarkoStankovicSerbia and Montenegro
1661052PredragHadzicenicSerbia and Montenegro
326811StefanMitrovicSerbia and Montenegro
328806PetarPecnikSerbia and Montenegro
Exercises for everybody
We build up an exercise database.

Every registered user can download templates of our table and balls and draw his own exercises.

Then login and upload your exercise to our server. All exercises are related to a specific category and difficulty. Full rights of your exercise is by the author. You simply aggree that other users can download the exercise and use it.

As soon as we have enough exercises we will create a seach site with seach patterns so that it should be easy to tind the one that is needed.

The system is running, get your exercises uploaded.